Mirror mirror on the wall: Who will be Nigeria's next president?

If we decide to take the kingdom of Nigeria into the hands of mirror mirror in those snow white movies and we look into it. Who do you think the mirror will predict as the winner? What will the mirror even say? For Buhari,  Mirror : "My people of Nigeria, this man here will only secure his health. If you don't believe, watch what would happen after he is voted in." Then the mirror shows Buhari travelling just to do his regular checkup and spending almost two years abroad. Then the mirror continues talking  Mirror: "Listen, he surely has plans but unfortunately the plans would not be remembered because he is old. But if he does remember, it would be through his aide."  Thereafter the mirror will now conclude on Buhari.  Mirror: "If he wins, he would still have trust issues as he doesn't even trust his wife." 'If he doesn't trust his wife because he isn't sure she trust him, how then can he trust in the future he wants to build. So don't be surprised if he doesn't even start what he projects because he forgets and doubt easily"  For atiku, Mirror: "Atiku will be a strong president that will always be ready to give peanuts but you won't realize it until the next tenure. He will truly checkmate Buhari so called achievement but will not do very well for the country." "Nigeria, if you vote Atiku, be ready to buy more generator and fuel to keep it running because you have entered an era of 'no light'  " Finally, if Atiku wins, his friends will be wealthy while the masses will suffer." Nigeria: Mirror mirror, what of the other candidates? Mirror: My GPS cannot see them  Nigeria: You say?