Pot belly saga: When uncool becomes cool!

The happening swag now is with pot bellied guys. Many young guys are beginning to transform into Zaddy with an extension of belly as the trademark.

Money talking Zaddies

When Zaddies with big pot belly talks without money following closely, then there is a big problem because nobody would listen. Pot belly makes sense with money!

Ladies affinity Zaddies

No matter the big belly of Zaddiea, when money is involved, there will definitely be influx of ladies, no doubt.

Mood changer Zaddies

As interesting as Zaddies can be fun to watch and move with, some are not an interesting sight at all. There kind of Zaddies do not command the crows to their favour one bit.

Whatever the case, Pot belly should be acquired with careful deliberations. Pot belly makes sense with sense Okay?!

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