Different reactions to Super eagles win

The match between Nigeria and the republic of south Africa didn't end without a clear tremendous win by the super eagles. Some of the expected and unexpected reactions that transpired before during and after the match are summarized below.


It all started with the optimistic guys. These guys go as far as believing so much in the super eagles that they make bets. Throughout the game, these guys will keep their finger crossed and don't flicker at all. These guys are the true patriots of our time, no doubt! 


Some people resulted to giving sarcastic remarks on social media as the game was on going. They did a lot in bringing down many people beliefs in our super eagles but unfortunately, they were shamed! 


In almost everything that happens in this country, there will always be a fraction for indifferent guys. These guys do not care if Nigeria get to finals or lose at first round. They really do not care! 


Nigeria certainly have these hypertensive ones when it comes to football. These guys are the ones who will stare at the tv so much that it seems like they will control the movement. Thank God Nigeria won else the story will be different.

Low keys happy ones

Lastly, there are some people who won't show their happiness or sadness even with the win. These ones are just tagged as "understanding Nigerians". 

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