What happens if social media goes away for a month ...

Time will be suspended for a moment...

Social Media is a platform that this generation cannot live without but if it has to go away for a minimum of one month, then this could possibly happen.

Newspaper will sell more

News can't spread anymore except through the paper that many youths has abandoned. The newspaper will become the only option for football lovers to know the next big thing.

Parents will be happier 

For that one month obscurity, parent will get their children attention more. Those times that are spent snap chatting, will rather be spent listening to night stories and proverbs. 

Real friends will be made

Most people find it hard to relate outside their social media. They cannot start up a conversation if there isn't a device in between. If social media should be suspended, then the only choice for these guys will be to come out of their shells.

Life generally stops

The suspension of social media is synonymous to life coming to an end to this generation. How will pizza deliver? How will they move without Uber? Market things? Online transaction? 

Heck no! Social media can't go away for even as small as an hour ... 

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