Most Nigerian women at wedding ceremony

Weddings always know how to make African women bring out their true nature. If you see any Nigeria woman (especially mothers)in weddings, this is what will follow:  

Owambe things

Before you even mention the word "wedding', you would have seen the ankara and different materials going around. Their 'gele' never carry last.

Extra nylon for food

It seems like a natural thing for women to always find nylon to pack enough food with them. If you see a mother that doesn't have this characteristics in wedding, check well, the woman is not really Nigerian oriented.

No ankara, no semo, no souvenir 

Wedding becomes fun for all when it comes to sharing souvenir but don't expect it if you don't buy ankara. But we no know even without ankara, Nigerian mothers always find their way around the package right? 

Highlife is game all the time

When dancing time comes, you will always see mothers enjoying highlife music. They love it when their names are mentioned and you bet the music band will readily be sprayed money by buoyant women of course. 

Great Nigerian women!!!

Happy international women's day guys

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